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About Our Company

TRUVISOR established in 2008 and headquartered in Singapore, TRUVISOR strives to be the trusted advisor to our customer by delivering quality IT services and solutions. We specialized in IT Management Software and Managed Services. Our people have the focus, experience, and perspective to help you gain solid control of your business IT. We understand the organizations' IT challenges and we have the knowledge and solutions to help you solve these challenges.

Our Vision

To be the premier IT Services and Management Solutions Provider in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our Value

We are governed by the following core values which define the character of our company and guide us on how we engage our customers and make decisions.
* Respect – We value diversity and treat all people with fairness and respect.
* Integrity – We are honest and ethical in our dealings.
* Trust – We build trust by treating others with integrity, openness and respect.
* Passion – We take pride in undertaking challenges and always put the customer first.
* Social Responsibility - We believe in developing people. People are our greatest asset.

Our Corporate Logo

The TRUVISOR logo is a letter "T" set in bold upper case that resembles a tree. It represents life and growth. The pixels beneath resemble the roots of a tree; symbolizing a strong foundation in Information Technologies.

Careers at TRUVISOR

Are you game enough to join a fast moving organization and exciting career with us?
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