Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
In a sector well known for its back office complexity and need to comply with regulations, banks are striving to be competitive and innovative. All battles are aiming for simplicity of operations and streamlining of procedures so that clean and structure data can be produced in the back office, tracking trace can beapplied for best regulatory compliance and more resources can be allocated to innovation and development in the age of customer-centric digitalization. Softomotive RPA automates all complex procedures, frees up employees from their tedious tasks and allows for more time dedicated to engage with customers. Automation is proven to significantly reduce bank processing costs event up to 80% and free up employees from dull and tedious tasks, thereby enabling them to be more proactive in their relationships with customers.
Service Management
Financial organizations face a unique set of pressures, many of which fall squarely on the shoulders of IT. The need to blend “old” and “new” technology is paramount; external customers expect a modern and seamless front-end experience, while back-end  applications and data run primarily on legacy systems. There is no room for error in an industry in which data security, integrity, and availability are key to consumer trust and confidence.  Service Management Platform is a powerful and flexible IT service management solution offering unparalleled visibility over complex and dynamic IT environments, the ability to evaluate the impact of change, and the means to quickly resolve issues as they arise.