Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 
Robotic process automation can streamline workflows for regulation procedures, provide tracking trails and complete consistency with  changing healthcare regulations real time. Rapidly evolving patient trends like mobile adoption require new services, quick time to market and the need of heavy data entry between many not connected devices, a procedure which is error prone and takes up a lot of resources.Communication between different systems is a sweet spot of RPA, as it includes all integration benefits by default. Manual data entry is eliminated and healthcare staff are free to interact with patients and each other, further developing their offerings and enhancing customer  satisfaction. 
Service Management
 The healthcare field is undergoing transformation like never before,  with advanced technology playing a central role in the delivery of both  patient care and back-office functions. IT organizations are under  enormous pressure to deliver value, optimize costs, and comply with  regulatory mandates—all while supporting users that rely on a wide  array of highly specialized medical equipment, mobile devices, and  critical applications. Our Service Management platform is a powerful,  modern IT service management (ITSM) solution that enables IT teams  to respond to these pressures and focus on initiatives that improve  patient outcomes and customer care